Team Rules
For the purpose of this document the Shadowcliffs Open Water Aquatic Team is referred to as SOWAT. The Shadowcliffs Regional Park is referred to as the Facility and the East Bay Regional Park district is referred to as the District. The By Laws of this corporation shall be as follows:
  1. A) Membership - Because of the physically demanding nature of the proposed activity, membership in the SOWAT is open to those individuals demonstrating superior swimming ability. For the purpose of this organization superior is defined as the completion of a 1500 meter swim in less than 30 minutes or the ability to swim twice the width of Shadowcliffs lake unaided.
  1. B.) SAFETY - Personal safety shall be the foremost consideration in usage of the Facility by all SOWAT members. All swims shall be performed on a "buddy" basis with two or more members swimming together or a boater in close proximity to each swimmer. Additionally all SOWAT members must wear a green SOWAT cap at all times when swimming in the Facility.
  1. C.) HOURS - Facility usage by Club members will be determined through consultation with the District. It is proposed that the use of the Facility by SOWAT members be limited to the hours of 6:00am-10:00am Monday through Sunday and 6:00pm-8:30pm Monday through Sunday evenings when the life guards are on duty; any time when the life guards are not at the facility and the Facility is open to the public. Members please note that Facility hours change with the change of available light.
  1. D) AGE - The minimum age for membership in SOWAT shall be 13. Each club member who is a minor shall be "buddied" with an adult member when using the Facility.
  1. E) CHECK IN PROCEDURES - SOWAT members are requested to comply with check in, check out procedure when using the Facility. The Kiosk at the entry to the Facility parking lot will have a clipboard with the names of all SOWAT members. Each individual is required to sign their name and note the time of arrival. Upon departure from the Facility each member must note their time of departure. The Facility asks that members do not block the Kiosk driveway while doing this.
  1. F) DUES - Dues shall be set on an annual basis in accordance with the anticipated budgetary requirements for the Club. Initial dues shall be approximately $30 a season. The SOWAT season will be from June 1 to June 1.
  1. G) CAPS - All SOWAT members will be given a green SOWAT cap. You must wear your SOWAT cap to swim past the roped in area. Additional caps may be purchased for $3.
  1. H) RULE ENFORCEMENT - These rules and By-laws are intended to provide safety and manageability of the proposed activity. Non adherence to them may jeopardize the activity for all SOWAT members. A member's failure to comply with these BY-Laws will result in expulsion from SOWAT.
  1. I) OFFICERS OF SOWAT - SOWAT will keep the District currently informed in writing concerning the names and addresses of their officers and directors. Such lists will be updated within ten (10) days following changes of the identity of any officers and directors.
  1. J) WAIVERS - Each member of SOWAT will be required to complete a participant waiver form prior to using the Premises. A copy of the signed waiver will be provided to the District for each member of SOWAT. SOWAT members under the age of 18 will be required to submit a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.
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