SOWAT Conflict Resolution Process
Swimming with SOWAT is a privilege. The managers of SOWAT reserve the right to limit anyone's access to our special use permit. A member will not have access to SOWAT's special use permit if they break any park, local, or team rule as a SOWAT member.
  1. Specifically if a member:
    1. Swims in the lake when the park is closed, unless authorized to swim by the EBRP
    2. Swims at times other then those specified in our agreement e.g. between 6am to 11am or after 6pm.
    3. Swims on days the park has asked SOWAT members not to swim
    4. Gives a non-SOWAT member a SOWAT cap so that they can swim past the lane line
    5. Forges another members name on our sign in sheet so that they can take a non-member past the lane lines
    6. Takes a non member across the line lines
    7. Stalks or threatens a SOWAT member or officer
    8. Demonstrates that they can not understand or refuse to abide by SOWAT rules
    9. Uses SOWAT's newsgroup inappropriately e.g. to harass or complain about SOWAT members or officers
  1. If a member is cited breaking one of the above rules they will:
    1. Be notified by e-mail that they have broken a SOWAT rule.
    2. They will be placed on probation
    3. They then have the opportunity to provide their side of the story
    4. The SOWAT managers will decide if the member stays on the team or are no longer given access to the team's special use permit.
    5. If they stay on the team they will remain on probation. When on probation any inappropriate behavior will be used as justified cause to have them removed from the team.
    6. SOWAT members released from the team due to breaking the rules will not get their fees reimbursed.
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